Where to Find Directories of Tiles?

One of the industries that have flourished in Sunshine Coast is the tiling industry. Over the last few decades, a number of tiling contractor agencies have grown in Sunshine Coast. This has happened because of the increase in demand of tiling and waterproofing amongst people. People who want to renovate or build their home are hiring tiling contractors for getting the flooring done. But everyone has different choices and needs, and this applies for tiles also. 
Now the tiling agencies are presenting a directory of tiles in their websites, from where people can pick up the tiles of their choice. If in case they are confused about the tiles selection then tiling agency offers design and colour team to assist people in making colour and cabinetry choices. They assist people to select tiles from the directory of tiles which includes floor and feature tiles for both indoors and outdoors. Sunshine Coast is also famous for its experienced tiling specialists. Thus, the Sunshine Coast tiling specialist offers great workmanship in laying tiles.
Tiles come in countless combinations of sizes, colors and textures thus presenting something for everyone and in every style. Tiles are durable and are easy to maintain, so it is perfect for high-traffic regions or also in regions where there is dirt or moisture, such as entry ways or bathrooms. Now we are going to discuss the various options offered in the directories regarding the tiles.

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Types of Tiles and Their Uses
This is the first and foremost aspect while selecting a tile. You should be aware of the purpose you for which you are purchasing the tile. Few common tiles used are:
•    Porcelain- Porcelain is highly durable and resistant to moisture.
•    Ceramic- It is made from clay and has a glass-like surface. It works well on walls and counterparts.
•    Natural Stone- It offers durability and variations in colours.
•    Quarry- It is the unglazed form of a ceramic tile.
•    Terracotta- It is made from clay and is highly absorbent. 
•    Terrazzo- It is composite tile made of marble chips or stone moulded in cement.
•    Glass- It is made up of pieces of glass and available in various colours.
There are three categories of tile usages mentioned in the directory. They are wall application, floor application, and shower floor application. Almost all types of tiles can be used for wall application. But for floor and shower floor one needs to be careful as slippery tiles cannot be used for flooring.
Tile Sizes and Shapes
The floor tiles are generally a ½ inch to ¾ inch thick. The dimensions of square tiles range from 4 inches by 4 inches to 24 inches by 24 inches. Tiles are available in many other shapes such as rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal. 
Tile Ratings
Tile hardness ratings help you to select the tile which is relevant for the area where you want to lay it. Bathrooms need water resistant and non-slippery tiles while entryways need abrasion-resistant, hard and moisture-proof tiles. Some tiles are also rated according to the indoor and outdoor usage. There is a standardized rating for tiles known as Porcelain Enamel Institute hardness rating. The ratings are decided in accordance with the application of the tiles. The five classes of ratings are given below.
•    PEI I – It is used for no foot traffic i.e. for wall applications only.
•    PEI II – It is used for light traffic like interiors of residential and commercial wall applications.
•    PEI III – It is used for light to moderate traffic like in residential settings.
•    PEI IV – It is used for moderate to heavy traffic like in medium commercial or light institutional setting.
•    PEI V – It is used for heavy to extra heavy traffic like heavy commercial work and institutional setting.
The directory of tiles also includes other two options for tile selection, they are porosity and firing. Thus the tiling agencies have offered solutions in the form of the directory to every problem faced by people regarding tile selection.

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