What Everyone Is Saying About passion for business of sunshine coast service area And What You Should Do

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The sunshine Coast is well suited to benefit from future growth and development of South East Queensland. A government body, the Chamber Of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ), is committed to supporting the continued development and prosperity of both small and medium businesses across the Sunshine Coast.

The task of CCIQ is to represent the issues and views of all businesses across all regions and industrial sectors of Queensland. This task is often difficult because there are several common problems faced by businesses regardless of their location in Queensland.

Business performance in Sunshine Coast outlines that the economy of Sunshine Coast is strongly reinforced by small and medium businesses.

 Major Business Constraints In Sunshine Coast

The most positive outlook for the Sunshine Coast Service Area has been characterized with rising of key indicators such as, sales and revenue, general conditions of the businesses and the profitability levels. The region has previously endured stable weather conditions and patterns which has increased tourism numbers. Seasonal influences have also contributed to the business improvement in the region.

The broader volatility of the economy that impact on local investment and industry has resulted to the recognition of the fact that economic growth will take longer. Other local constraints include:

  • Inadequate transportation and infrastructure
  • High costs imposed to local people of Sunshine Coast by the Regional Council of Sunshine Coast that impact on the economy and prevent harnessing growth and ability to capitalize on businesses positive outlook.

However, Sunshine Coast region has managed the heavy weight of global conditions of the economy by displaying high degree of resilience in an attempt to face the adversity.

Business And Economic Realization Opportunities In Sunshine Coast

Over the past decade, the overall economic and business profile of Sunshine Coast clearly shows that challenges bring along with advantages and new opportunities. These opportunities include:

  • Investment in infrastructure
  • Health and education sector expansion
  • Growth and diversification of major existing industries
  • Value-addition opportunities to existing industries
  • Available land identified development and industrial activities.

What are the business priorities in sunshine coast?

  1. Encouraging balanced approach to future planning
  2. Reduction of business compliance costs
  3. Encouraging social and economic diversity
  4. Improvement of operating business environments for businesses in Sunshine Coast
  5. Adoption of region approach across the Sunshine Coast
  6. Constructing economic and transport capacity for region growth


Challenges Encountered In Sunshine Coast

  • Lack of expertise of workforce
  • Insufficient access to consistent and reliable internet connection and mobile services
  • Poor inter and intra-regional connectivity
  • Lack of access to finances for investment
  • Limited knowledge of diversity of opportunities and the regional economy
  • Exposure of major industries to international economic situations
  • Lack of skills and know-how in the existing population
  • High transport costs
  • Local attitude towards social growth, economic and diversity

Strengths Of Sunshine Coast

It has proximity to airport and trade logistics Closeness to resource regions and domestic mining is best There is stable population growth and good fundamentals of the economy

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